Directors Message

Dear VAKA Student Community,

Warm Greetings and Congratulations – Welcome to Vastu Kala Academy College of Architecture.

It is with great honor and pleasure that I extend best wishes to you all on behalf of the entire Vastu Kala community. It is our sincere hope that your family and you are well; and able to manage the evolving challenges in the time of a complex global pandemic.

As the Director of the College, I am extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing holistic, practical, experiential and hands-on architectural education that our institute has been according ever since its inception in 1993.

Located in the overtly accessible institutional and educational hub in the city of New Delhi, our institute offers exclusive opportunities to all the students to engage with their given context. At the same time, the pedagogy that we follow, celebrates the distinctiveness of each individual and channels their creativity into academic excellence.

Every year, we strive to design and develop innovative and creative lesson plans and courses. Our learning tools will enhance your hard skills and soft skills and our live projects will prepare you for the global career path and industry work.

I am deeply grateful for the presence of an outstanding group of full-time, contractual and visiting faculty as well as staff and leadership of Vastu Kala Academy and Chairman Sir, who all have worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible learning experience for you at VAKA!

Looking forward to meeting you all in person soon.

Warm Regards,
Prof. Shhilpi Sinha