Vision & Mission

•    The educational programs at Vastu Kala Academy seek to provide high-quality education, training, and expertise in the field of architecture;
•    To provide a sound academic environment and opportunity to students for educational and all-round development through supportive learning atmosphere
•    To enhance their intrinsic abilities to create and transmit ideas and knowledge.
•    To develop new knowledge which will materially add to the well-being of the profession and society as a whole  by promoting research in the field of architectural design, planning, construction technologies , building management and heritage conservation.
•    To put in a nutshell – focus will be on the language of architecture, starting with basic communication skills, leading to development of imagination and creativity. This would be supplemented by the exploration and development of the skill of design and craft building, through exercises as well as on site interaction with the building industry.



To deliver architectural education of international standards and to make the school the best in the country as well as in the world which would meet all the future diverse and evolving challenges.


Mission is to create best architects incorporating good human values through relevant and high quality education.