Anchal Bhaskar

"As a graduate of the Vastu Kala Academy, I can say that professors there are very helpful and supportive. I am grateful that the college supported my decision to pursue a topic like Space architecture and the Astronaut Simulation Center as part of my dissertation and thesis. My advice for the students is to really explore their passion during their thesis and dissertation and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from their professors. As well as to take criticism with a positive attitude and as a tool to further improve yourself.

As a result of my fascination with Extreme Environments habitats, I went to the US to earn my master's degree in Space architecture, where furthermore I was selected for Space Station design workshops in Germany & Moscow. Through this experience, I realized how imperative it is to learn how to work in an interdisciplinary team as well as how essential it is to use an "Empathetic Design" approach when it comes to Space/Extreme Environments. Thereby, gradually, my transition to healthcare design began when I observed the overlaps between these extreme physical environments to the extreme psychologically challenging Healthcare environments. Where travelling isn't a choice, but a last resort and where the need for and scope of empathetic design never ends.

As a Healthcare designer at HDR, I am currently part of a team working on a Cancer center project that allows me to interact with doctors, surgeons, and nurses, as well as continuously learn from the industry's leaders. Over the past 23 years, HDR has been rated #1 in the Healthcare Design by Modern Healthcare Construction & Design Survey."


Anchal bhaskar