The Vastu Kala Academy, College of Architecture has a well-equipped library, digital facilities, an up to date Computer Lab, Art & Sculpture Studio and multi- media facilities to offer. This is to meet the academic needs of students and faculty members.

The Vastu Kala Academy has Design Studio, Carpentry workshop for Wood Work for students to learn use of hand tools and machinery, Metallurgy Section, Clay Ceramics for working with clay on potter’s wheel, Structural Engineering Laboratory for experimental work for students, for research and consultancy projects. The Laboratory is equipped with a compression testing machine along with other apparatus required for testing of cement concrete blocks and bricks etc. The college also has survey laboratory, audio visual & resource documentation. It holds also special lectures and has seminars and workshops at regular intervals.

The college has facilities for indoor games and Badminton. The college also has a Canteen in its campus

Besides that the Academy organizes study tours and the students have to undergo practical tainting of 2 semester in their 8th & 9th semester.